Need a mask? You've come to the right place at Accurate Dream!

Over the years, we have produced a multitude of masks, including hybrid masks that mix human and animal traits, animal masks, masks for men, women, old and young people, and designer masks for a brand entity. We have also created fancy masks, creatures, and characters inspired by movies, and even duplicated existing people!

Whether it's for cinema, theater, opera, events, or musicians, we have honed our skills in almost every type of mask. It is important to know that, visually, there are an infinite number of mask possibilities that you can create in your image with our help!

This wide diversity of masks will lead you to ask several types of questions. Firstly, from a technical point of view, each mask will have its own production constraints. Secondly, artistic questions will arise. Finally, there is the financial aspect, which will allow us to determine if we will have to compromise on certain elements of your request. All of these questions will allow our artists to define the best way to achieve the result.

If you want to purchase a mask from us, here are the questions to ask yourself! (You don't have to have the answer to all of the questions; we can help you, so don't worry.)

Non-exhaustive list of questions to ask yourself before contacting us:

What will my mask be used for? What should it allow me to do? Should I be able to speak, see, breathe, and hear well?

- Should it follow the movements of my face?
- Should an interior installation be set up?
-Under what conditions will you use the mask? On stage? Every day? Occasionally?
- Will it have to face constraints such as heat, cold, or wind?
- Will it be mistreated?
- Should it be cleaned often?
- Does the design I want allow me to meet all of my technical needs?
- Do my budget and time constraints allow my mask to be produced under the best conditions? (Making a mask takes time, and sometimes several artists and trades work on it.)
- Am I clear enough with my design and inspirations to explain my project? Or do I need support?

If you have an answer to almost all of the questions, then you are ready to contact us to tell us about your project, so don't hesitate!

Once all of these questions have been asked, you need to select the material for your mask. Note that there are several types of materials, each with their own advantages and disadvantages.

Firstly, there is silicone. It allows for a translucent aspect, which makes it possible to reproduce the skin's dermis and therefore have a much more realistic appearance. Most of the time, we use silicone to make realistic masks or faces. The flexibility of silicone allows for the implantation of hair, and also some movement during use on the face. Of course, it should be kept in mind that with a mask, you will lose facial expression.

Next, we also make masks in resin, which are much more rigid. Generally, these masks are used for anything non-human, such as animals, creatures, or designer masks. Many music professionals have already turned to us for this type of mask, as they are highly durable and easy to put on and take off.

Our resin masks adapt to many constraints, such as allowing space to evacuate some of the heat. However, with resin, you will lose all facial movement effects. This type of material is not at all suitable for hyper-realistic humans.

Masks can be generic or custom-made. For our custom masks, we will need to take an impression of the wearer, which will conform perfectly to their physiognomy. For generic masks, they are made on a head with proportions chosen by us, in order to conform to as many faces

It is important for us to inform you about the constraints of wearing a mask. Depending on its design, the mask can significantly or minimally obstruct your view. It can also make breathing and hearing less comfortable. For these reasons, it is important for us to find a way to address these issues. Keep in mind that once you wear a mask, there are constraints.

Now that you have all the information you need, you can organize your ideas and we hope you will contact us soon!